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Edieter offers the best diet and wellness services at most economical rates in the industry. To help you lose weight, eat right, achieve holistic wellness, we have designed unique programs for you.

  • Silver Package: Do It Yourself Healthy Eating Diet Plans
  • Gold Package: Weight Loss Diet Counseling and A Session With heart diet & Bridal diet.
  • Diabetic Package: Therapeutic Diets For Diabetics.
  • Heart Package: Therapeutic Diets For High B.P, Lipid Profile.
  • For any queries with respect to choosing the appropriate package, write us on

Access Live Dietitians through Email, or Phone.

edieter Silver Package

edieter Gold Package

Other Edieter Packages

Silver package

12 Months Unlimited Access to

  • Online Diet Plans
  • Online Fitness Plans
  • Interactive Fitness Assessment
  • Health Age: Interactive Lifestyle and Longevity Assessment
  • PHR: Personal Health Record

Cost: Rs 600/- (3 months)
1st fee for Consultany.
150/- for per session fee.

Gold package
  • Personalized Diet Consultation
  • Preventive Health Management Program
  • Personalized Health and Wellness Report
  • (03) Months of Silver Package Included
  • (12 )Months Unlimited , Email & Telephone Support
  • Counseling Session of One Hour

Cost: 1400- (12 months)
1st fee for consulting charges.
300/- for per session fee.

Other package

Your Weight Is In Your Mind. Change Your Mind Set. Drop Pounds.

Special Fitness and Weight Loss Packages for Diabetics & Heart Patients.

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Health Trackers

Health Trackers

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Food Calorie Finder

Food Calorie Finder

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